Problems again with boeings “dreamliner

Japan's lufthansa partner all nippon airways (ANA) canceled a domestic flight wednesday because the engine wouldn't start, the airline announced. About 140 passengers were rebooked on other planes.

Just the day before, competitor japan airlines (JAL) announced that a "dreamliner" had to turn back on a flight to singapore due to problems with the de-icing system of the engines. The jets have only been back in the air for a few weeks after being grounded for more than three months.

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The whole of society is called upon

The "old town hall glowed orange on monday evening, the smell of sausage drifted across the marketplace. Whoever thought the living advent calendar had already started was mistaken. Rather, it was a very serious topic.

The zonta club in herzogenaurach wanted to support the UN campaign "orange the world" with a high-profile campaign support and make a statement to end violence against women and girls. To the sound of whistles, the "piranha social club samba band" under the direction of alberto parmigiani lieb sounded her drums.

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House, dog, hairpin – everything you could buy at quelleversand in the 70s

House, dog, hairpin - everything you could buy at quelleversand in the 70s

Insolvency administrators have other things to worry about than preserving historical testimonies, and so an important piece of french economic history ended up on the dole when the quell e group went bankrupt in 2009.

Today quelle is industrial culture – a museum piece

regine franzke from the museum of industrial culture in nurnberg remembers: "shortly after the archives were taken over, the building was cleared and the waste containers were filled with everything that remained, as one would hoard." when the art historian and her colleagues got wind of it, they saved what could be saved.
The business archive has disappeared, but part of the catalog and photo archive is now in the possession of the museum.

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Merkel wants more immigration – friedrich puts the brakes on

Merkel wants more immigration - friedrich puts the brakes on

By 2025, there will be about six million fewer people of working age in germany, merkel said at the federal government’s second demographic summit in berlin. She also called for more mobility on the european labor market.

Minister of the interior hans-peter friedrich (CSU) advised to first use the potentials in the home country and the eu. But he warned: "it is an illusion to believe that we can solve the demographic change through immigration alone."

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Impressions from vietnam

Impressions from vietnam

On thursday, 8. November, at 19.30 o’clock the series "with the struwwel around the world" starts into a new season.
For many years, the series has offered travel reports and slide shows by people from the region who report on their exciting journeys. Ten lectures are on the program from november to march.

Exciting and attractive
the first lecture is by raimund gohlich from bad staffelstein, who is a guest in the series for the first time and reports on an exciting trip to vietnam.
On its journey from north vietnam to the mekong delta, the country presents itself as one of the most exciting and attractive countries in asia, as evidenced by its steady growth in tourism.
Besides the charming capital hanoi, the north of vietnam impresses with the romantic halong bay with its 2000 rocks rising from the sea.

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Wage continuation for parents in corona crisis

Parents of young children still have to wait for a decision on continued payment of wages in the corona crisis – but social minister hubertus heil wants to campaign for a follow-up regulation.

Until now, the entitlement for parents who have to care for their children and cannot work due to closed daycare centers and schools only applies for six weeks per parent. "I am firmly convinced that we must make a new start in order to find a new regulation for the transition," the SPD politician said on friday in the bundesrat (upper house of parliament). This was also the subject of a discussion between union and employer representatives and chancellor angela merkel (CDU) on monday.

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Carnival rocks in the clubhouse

carnival rocks in the clubhouse

Half an hour before admission, the first carnival-goers gathered outside the closed doors of the clubhouse. While the queue was getting longer and longer, behind the scenes they were preparing for the onslaught. Last vocal tests with the bands, briefing of the security staff, short discussions about the course of events. Despite all the hustle and bustle, this was probably the last chance for georg ort to catch his breath. Because only a few moments later, he and his assistants at the entrance to the 16. Rock carnival round.
Ort has been a member of the herzogenaurach music initiative (MIH) for twelve years. Since then, he has been at the entrance to the traditional event year after year, working with many other helpers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But he never gets bored: "we actually always take turns at the checkout counter. In the last few years I have played on the stage myself from time to time", tells "schorsch".

Hardly any tickets at the box office

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Who will be new csu direct candidate?

The CSU met behind closed doors at schloss thurn on wednesday evening to set the course for the future following the surprise withdrawal of state parliament member eduard noth.
The CSU has not yet decided on a new direct candidate for the state elections in september. With benedikt graf bentzel, michael hofmann and konrad rosenzweig, three candidates want to be elected as direct candidates of their party. The women's union wants to send a candidate into the race and agreed on birgit kaletsch on thursday.

Nomination in kersbach
A date for the election of the new direct candidate has the party against it decided. On the 21. May, the approximately 170 delegates are to elect a new direct candidate. The nomination event takes place in kersbach.

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