With sunshine into the 2019 season

There is not much traffic at this time on the bike paths in the main valley, despite the sun. Sunshine at the start of the new season, that should also be my picture theme today. A photo on every bike ride. I commute daily between bamberg and the editorial office in bad staffelstein and know the route well. It takes me a while to reach my place for today, a small dirt road on the road between unterleiterbach and ebensfeld, almost on the county border between bamberg and lichtenfels. Stander unfolded, bike positioned. Everything fits on the second try. Photo in the box.

I am still dismantling when a cyclist comes from the direction of unterleiterbach. "Happy new year", she calls out to me and laughs. What the man with the bright yellow jacket and the white racing bike was doing there, she doesn’t ask. Sometimes drivers stop and ask if i’ve broken down when i take pictures with my bike on the side of the road. It is a region with friendly people.

With my small photo series I start 2019 in the second season. How it came to this? When you ride the same route every day for almost ten years, a bit of fresh motivation can’t hurt. So in early 2018 I started taking bike pictures with my phone. Something like this is a commitment, so I get better in the saddle on days when I had good reason to leave the bike. Rain for example.

But there was very little of it in 2018, as we can still remember from the endless super summer. I have good memories of him in other respects as well. In such dry road conditions, I have hardly had any flat tires, because the sharp splinters do not stick to the bike shell and can not even work their way to the inner tube. Such thoughts have only racing cyclists.

I opened an account on instagram under @crozzroad901. Crozzroad is the name of my road bike. Photos with landscape panoramas and dramatic cloud images are best received on instagram, by the way. And strange: why had i never noticed it so consciously in the years before, what wonderful motives my way to work offers?

What I have resolved for 2019? Continue. And continue taking pictures. So every day becomes already, even if it is not already.

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