Who will be new csu direct candidate?

The CSU met behind closed doors at schloss thurn on wednesday evening to set the course for the future following the surprise withdrawal of state parliament member eduard noth.
The CSU has not yet decided on a new direct candidate for the state elections in september. With benedikt graf bentzel, michael hofmann and konrad rosenzweig, three candidates want to be elected as direct candidates of their party. The women's union wants to send a candidate into the race and agreed on birgit kaletsch on thursday.

Nomination in kersbach
A date for the election of the new direct candidate has the party against it decided. On the 21. May, the approximately 170 delegates are to elect a new direct candidate. The nomination event takes place in kersbach.

"The 21. May is the earliest possible date. From our point of view, this is also necessary", says CSU district chairman benedikt graf bentzel. After all, not only the party members, but also the voters had a claim to know with which candidate the CSU would enter the race for the direct mandate in the state elections.

Reminder: the nomination of a new direct candidate has become necessary after the actual candidate, the long-time member of the state parliament eduard noth from forchheim, announced his renunciation of a renewed candidacy on the 5th of july. May had announced. Noth had come under pressure after the deputy admitted to having employed not only his wife but also his two daughters in his constituency office for many years.

This had been discussed within the party. Bentzel did not want to divulge details of this discussion. The party now needs to demonstrate its ability to act. "Yes, I want to be a direct candidate", says the 45-year-old entrepreneur from heroldsbach.

Direct candidate with more chances
Michael hofmann, the 38-year-old lawyer from neuses, also confirms: "i want to be a direct candidate because i want to stand up for the region." as a direct candidate the chances are better than on a list position. Hofmann is known to have already been nominated for the CSU state list. Following the announced withdrawal of eduard noth, the son of former member of the state parliament walter hofmann now wants to move into the maximilianeum himself. No one will understand that I do not throw my hat into the ring now. I have great confidence in the delegates and am relaxed about the vote."

A dirty battle between the candidates does not expect also konrad rosenzweig. "Many people have approached me and said: konrad, you have to run for office. It's time again for a deputy to really come from french switzerland", he says. "I naturally don't want to upset the townspeople. Of course I want to do my part for the city," says the 45-year-old businessman, says the 44-year-old master farmer from wiesenttal, who even wants to interrupt his vacation in greece to attend the nomination meeting on 21 january. May to be present in kersbach.

The name of the female candidate has also been clear since thursday evening: "it is now clear that it will be me", says birgit kaletsch from forchheim. The 55-year-old is district chairwoman of the women's union.

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