Too drunk to pay: man has to go to hospital

He was simply no longer able to enter his secret number at the checkout: a 43-year-old man wanted to take a blood sample on thursday (16. December 2021) at around 9.40 o’clock in one oberkotzauer supermarket buy a bottle of vodka and some bottles of beer. But in the checkout area, he simply did not make it PIN number of his EC card to enter correctly – that’s how drunk he was. He then took the bottle and ran out of the store, but without paying for it, as the hofer police communicates.

The officers recorded the theft and shortly thereafter received the appropriate tip from a resident of the building cooperative street by chance. The woman was worried because her neighbor was once again so drunk that he couldn’t manage to unlock his apartment door.

Man in hospital – suspected alcohol poisoning

On the spot, the police patrol met the man, who also matched the description of the theft in the supermarket. In addition, the 43-year-old was carrying a bottle of vodka, which was mostly empty. The man must have drunk the alcohol within 15 minutes. The ambulance service brought him to the hospital with suspected alcohol intoxication alcohol intoxication to hospital. The police investigates now.

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