The bbz comes to the seminar garden

the bbz comes to the seminar garden

The county has decided where the new location of the vocational training center will be. The choice fell on the seminary site, announced district administrator thomas bold on tuesday in a press interview at the munnerstadt vocational training center.

The district council is planning investments of around 20 million euros. The future students of the academy for social pedagogy and the technical school for social work will also have to pay the costs the care of the elderly, the caritas, participate, bold communicated.

The county has acquired the necessary land for the new building at the seminar and for the parking lots at the lache, announced county administrator bold. The augustinians also bought the area of the present-day seminary outdoor swimming pool. "But the county will not operate an open-air swimming pool", thomas bold explained on inquiry, whether then an open use of the bath on weekends is conceivable. The flat will be used to provide the necessary open space needed by the all-day high school and after-school programs.

According to bolds is planned to build the BBZ along the relief road, so that the rough courtyard of the seminary for recreation is preserved. The design of the future aubenanlagen is to be part of the planning process. In total, the purchased flat covers 1.8 hectares.

Europe-wide tender
europe-wide the county has to look for an architect. After the tender, five firms will be selected to prepare a design plan including a financing concept according to the specifications of the district. From these, the district council then selected the most suitable variant. The district administrator expects that construction work can realistically begin in the spring of 2015.

The question of what will become of the old vocational training center has been clarified. The city will take over the construction.The demolition is required from urban redevelopment funds, explained mayor helmut blank in a press interview. The cost is estimated at around one million euros. The grant level is 60 to 80 percent, according to blank. Houses to be built on the land. Space for up to nine houses. The city wants to plan the area in the years 2014/2015. What is needed is the designation of a redevelopment area.
The building of the former agricultural vocational school will be preserved. The city will take care of that as well. "The building substance is excellent", explains helmut blank. There is no use for it yet. But many possibilities arose. Blank calls the music school, a club use. In addition, classes from the freiherr-von lutz elementary school have been taught in the building in the past.

Significance for the old town
helmut blank also expressly welcomes the decision of the district council for the location at the seminary from the point of view of urban development. "This is an important step to bring more life into the old town". Discussions still had to be held on the extent to which, for example, the cafeteria in the study seminar would also be used by the vocational training center in the future. There will be further negotiations, in which caritas will also be involved.

The director of the vocational training center, harry koch, said he was relieved that the new building would enable schoolchildren and teachers to attend school spared with construction site alarm. However, he was also convinced that this had not worked out.

The general renovation of the existing building had been dispensed with because the costs had already been estimated to be as high as those of a new building. However, experience with general renovations has shown that unforeseeable costs are usually added to the estimated costs, says bold.

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