Soon speed 30 through almost all of neuenmarkt?

The discussion was triggered by a request from friedrich clemens, who has long been suggesting a safe crossing on state road 2183 in the area of the town center. In the end, there was agreement to require a speed limit of 30 in the area of the state road from neuenmarkt and hegnabrunn and to create another pedestrian crossing near the schneider electrical store. The municipality also wants to take money into its own hands for this purpose. Karl pohlmann (SPD open list): "our pedestrians must be worth it to us!"

Mayor siegfried decker (SPD open list) referred to an application by friedrich clemens, which was forwarded to the bayreuth state building authority for approval: "the state building authority commented in writing and states that only the risk can be minimized, but a safe crossing cannot be guaranteed. However, in order to create an offer for this, there must always be a bundled need for a crossing at one point."

A lowering of the curb, as suggested by friedrich clemens in relation to the parking lot at the town hall, would be in the construction and maintenance responsibility of the community. However, the state building authority points out that lowered curbs have the disadvantage that they are more easily run over by trailing axles of longer vehicles or trailers, especially in curves, and that this can lead to problems with pedestrians.

There are already two crossing aids

mayor decker stated in this context that two crossing aids have already been built at the expense of the municipality of neuenmarkt in the area of the school and the "rosengarten" senior citizens’ park and thus the situation for all involved could be decisively improved. In the further range of the local crossing however so far an uberquerungshilfe of the national building authority was always rejected with the reason that the necessary fubgangeraufkommen is not at all reached.

For decker, the question now was whether to make a new effort. He referred to the new traffic safety program "bayern mobil – sicher ans ziel" ("bayern mobile – safely to your destination"), launched by the bavarian ministry of the interior. The mayor added: "one of our goals is to increase safety for particularly vulnerable groups such as children, pedestrians and cyclists, and to include the needs of elderly and disabled people more strongly in the focus of traffic safety work."

safety for pedestrians comes first

karl pohlmann made it clear that the safety of pedestrians was of equal importance to all factions in the city council. Pohlmann: "i understand the push of mr. Clemens, and something has to be done." pohlmann proposed for the fraction SPD-open list a crossing aid at the electrical store schneider. From the ruth house to the kulmbach bank, the speed limit should be 30 km/h: "for the drivers, this is a time difference of only a few seconds."

pohlmann received support from the other parliamentary groups, although wolfgang horath, representing the CSU-WG, came to the conclusion that the opinion of the state building authority must first be obtained before any further considerations are made or decisions are taken.

Deputy mayor alfred fabold (SPD open list) thought it was right to submit proposals to the state building authority: "we have a specific concern. The task of the building authority is now to think about it. With speed 30 and an overpass, we were a step ahead." burgermeister siegfried decker still proposed a traffic payment in the area of staatsstrabe 2183.

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