Silent party at the entrance

Two djs, a colorful musical mix of electro-swing and techno, rock, pop, and around 150 students partying exuberantly at the leintritt. The special thing about this scenario: although the party alarm should have been heard at least as far as the sandstrabe, the gravel parking lot on the banks of the regnitz river, where the marquee is always located during the sandkirchweih, was almost dead silent. The reason: the students celebrated a so-called "silent party". The music did not come from huge loudspeakers as usual, but from headphones.

The advantages of this type of party: everyone can individually regulate their volume at the ear, if you don’t like the music, you can change the channel and if you prefer to talk, you don’t have to shout at the other person as is usual in discos, but simply take your headphones off your ears and carry on your conversation without disturbing sources of noise spoke.

The idea for this "silent party came from the organizers of the cultural festival "contact. "With this symbolic event, we wanted to send a signal that it is possible to reconcile celebration and the concerns of local residents for peace and quiet", described jakob fischer from "contact.

The success of the first "mute party in bamberg was huge, according to the organizers. The party was well received and all participants had enjoyed it very much. "Moreover, the party was so quiet that we were able to celebrate all night long without disturbing anyone", fischer summed up. Also, the desire for a continuation was very rough. The "contact-organizers are therefore thinking about when and where there might be a second "silent party could come.

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