Siemens pays up to 500 euros in “anti-care money”

Siemens pays up to 500 euros in 'anti-care money'

Due to brisk demand, the board of management decided to extend the offer, which has been in place for two years, siemens announced in munich on friday.

For children who are not yet of school age, the employees receive a general allowance of 100 euros per month for care costs above home. Employees on parental leave who return to work part-time during the first 14 months of the child’s life can even receive up to 500 euros per child per month for childcare costs.

Last year, around 13,000 applications were received for the childcare allowance. Siemens personnel director brigitte ederer sees this as a success in the company’s efforts to achieve a better work-life balance. "The tax-free childcare allowance is a very important component here, in addition to the childcare places we offer close to the workplace."

Despite sharp criticism – including from the business community – the care allowance will be introduced next year. From 1. August 2013, parents who do not take advantage of a daycare place or a state-required childminder for their child in the second and third year of life will initially receive 100 euros a month, then 150 euros as of 2014.

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