Restrictions in new york demanded by mid-may

Restrictions in new york demanded by mid-may

In the U.S. State of new york, which has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic, the relatively strict exit restrictions have been extended until mid-may.

In consultation with other states in the region, he said, the restrictions were initially extended until 15. May has been extended, governor andrew cuomo said at his daily press conference. It remains to be seen what will happen next. "What happens next? I don’t know. We will see, depending on what the data say."

Among other things, the restrictions stipulate that people should stay at home as much as possible and keep their distance from each other in public. Starting today, masks or other types of mouth protection must also be worn in public in crowded places. "Non-essential" businesses must remain closed, but parks are still on the agenda. It had already been announced that the schools would not open until the summer.

In the meantime, however, there are increasing signs of a turnaround in the crisis in the federal state. The number of patients in hospitals was again down on thursday, as was the number of patients in intensive care units and on ventilators. However, almost 2,000 new infections were also detected, and 606 people died between wednesday and thursday. In total, the state, which has a population of around 19 million, has already seen more than 200.000 people infected and more than 11.000 died.

In new york and neighboring states, the focus is increasingly on nursing homes and homes for the elderly. Of the 606 people who died in new york state between wednesday and thursday after infection with the novel coronavirus, cuomo said 29 had died in nursing homes and homes for the aged. "We are looking very closely at that."

In a single nursing home in the neighboring state of new jersey, at least 26 people have died in recent weeks after being infected with the virus, the "new york times" reported. Dozens more had become infected. The nursing home was so overwhelmed by the number of dead that the police discovered 17 bodies in a small morgue at the home following an anonymous tip-off. He was "appalled" by the move, said new jersey governor phil murphy.

Meanwhile, the streets in new york, a metropolis of millions, which were much emptier during the corona crisis, attracted more and more speeders. With automatic speed cameras, about twice as many speeding tickets were currently being issued each day as in the same period last year, the "new york times" reported, citing city data. On 27. March, for example, there were 24,765 parking tickets.

The "dramatic increase" in speeders is a cause for "grave concern" – also because many accidents are happening as a result and the hospitals are already burdened with coronavirus patients, said the city’s traffic commissioner, polly trottenberg. "Drivers need to think of other new yorkers – and slow down. That’s a small sacrifice in this terrible crisis."

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