“Quality instead of quantity” is the motto

According to mayor timo ehrhardt, the second work@ludscht trade fair was once again a complete success. However, it was felt that there were slightly fewer visitors than at the premiere in 2018. The aim of the trade fair was once again to highlight the wide range of career opportunities available in ludwigsstadt and the surrounding area as a place to work, while at the same time promoting the city as an attractive place to live. He thanked all participants and in particular bettina teleky from the urban redevelopment management for the competent organization, preparation and implementation of the fair.

For her part, the organizer was pleased with the renewed high level of visitor satisfaction, as evidenced by the feedback questionnaires. According to the report, the companies were able to make new contacts and fill the first vacancies as a result of their participation.

In general, there was a great deal of interest in the trade show booths. "Of the 20 companies that filled out the questionnaire, 16 wanted to participate again in 2020", she informed. One had however already again inquiries of companies, which would like to come again. The food truck roundup organized by the schutzengesellschaft ludwigsstadt on the same day had a major synergistic effect. This had probably also contributed to the fact that many of the visitors came to the trade show a little later than usual.

The conclusion in the round was consistently positive. According to richard eichhorn (eichhorn construction company) and frank fischbach (ewald fischbach roofing company), their booths were visited by fewer visitors than in the previous year. However, they had asked very specifically and shown honest interest. Stefan heyder (H& M precision forms) did not see any disadvantage in the lower number of visitors; after all, there was more time for those who were really interested. "The success of the fair should not be measured by the number of visitors, but by the quality of the language spoken", ingbert loffler, head of human resources at wiegand-glas, also found the work@ludscht to be a very good thing.

Dagmar hunger from the company sumida agreed with him that the results are more direct with real interested parties. The director of the BRK senior citizens’ home in ludwigsstadt, peter schulz, considered the timing of the fair ideal. His stand was particularly frequented by young people looking for an apprenticeship.

Retrial on 19. September

19 september was chosen as this year’s date. September – again between 10 a.M. To 2 p.M. – set. The trade fair is to be held again in the hermann-sollner hall in the same manageable size with space for a maximum of 23 participating employers. Priority is given to companies from ludwigsstadt. There will also be a food truck roundup again, for which corresponding inquiries have already been made, said the mayor.

The fair was deliberately held on a saturday. "Who has interest, comes. For those who are only ‘sent through’ without interest and motivation, it makes no sense anyway", said the mayor. The trade fair is a contribution that the city is happy to make in order to make local companies better known. This also applies to the thuringian region, as many companies in the rennsteig region generate a not inconsiderable proportion of their workforce from there. These were however hardly a fair in kronach visit.

Ludwigsstadt provides a total of 1409 jobs that are subject to social insurance contributions. The number of outward commuters is 725; the number of inward commuters is 780, which – according to ehrhardt – is due to the huge expansion of local companies.

Afterwards, the participants of the stammtisch were asked to write down key points on cards with which they associate the business location ludwigsstadt, as well as their expectations for the future. The cards were then attached to a pin board and evaluated by bettina teleky. For example, loyalty to the company, a social and family atmosphere, the social responsibility of the employer, tradition, versatility, safety, good transport connections and a positive sense of knowing each other were rated positively. The parking situation in the city and the lack of restaurants were criticized. Expectations were an improvement of medical care, needs of commuters and regional value enhancement. At the next regular entrepreneurs’ table, the focus will be on ideas for increasing employee satisfaction.

At the beginning, the director of the home had presented the range of services offered by the BRK-kronach district association and the ludwigsstadt senior citizens’ home. Built in 1996 and expanded in 2005, this facility has 92 nursing and eight day care places. 106 employees are employed. The BRK-seniorenhaus is an open and lively house. Whether house carnival, strong beer festival, spring festival, solstice celebration, wine festival or residents’ christmas – there is always a reason to celebrate.

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