“Prototype of a perfect network”

Stephan herbert fuchs the kulmbach machinery and auxiliary ring presented a successful performance record at its annual meeting. Even though the value of all services invoiced fell slightly from 3.4 million euros to 3.3 million euros, the result of 5685 invoices was once again more than respectable, according to managing director werner friedlein.

The slight decline is mainly the result of lower machine use, which in turn is related to the unusually dry weather in 2018. On the other hand, there was even a slight increase in farm assistance, with economic assignments, e.G. To cover operational peaks, and assistance assignments, e.G. In the case of sickness-related absences of workers, more or less balancing each other out. The number of members of the MR kulmbach is currently unchanged at 847, although, according to the managing director, there are only 830 farmers in the district. "We cover more than 100 percent with this", says friedlein.

"Our goal is to continue to organize and ensure farm support in the future", said chairman andreas textores. This goal can only be achieved by working together, he appealed to the solidarity of his colleagues.

The mood in agriculture is not the best right now, according to BBV district chairman wilfried lowinger. According to him, this is not only due to the drought of the past year, but also to increasing requirements, for example with regard to the manure ordinance, or also to the outcome of the referendum on species protection. "We are deeply shocked by the way parts of society treat us farmers, said lowinger.

District administrator soller recalled the excellent cooperation between the machinery ring and the district over many decades. The "kulmbach model" is a prime example of this of decentralized green waste composting, for which those responsible were able to celebrate 30 years of existence last year. Farmers are active for the district, the citizens benefit from the decentralized structure. "You couldn’t have done it better," said, according to sollner.

Burgermeister hartnack called the machinery ring a "prototype of a perfect network". The services of the association are irreplaceable.

Jurabauer jorg deinlein from neudorf near scheblitz took a look at the agriculture of the future. On his farm, where he cultivates 280 hectares of arable land, the future has long since arrived. It’s not just the tractors that drive themselves with cruise control and steering systems. Thanks to the egmos correction satellite system, the combine harvester, crop protection sprayer and manure spreader, among other things, are controlled by satellite with unprecedented precision. Deinlein was convinced that the environment in particular was benefiting from this development. Overlaps in the dunging have been reduced, the soil is less compacted, double and triple loading are a thing of the past and track damage hardly ever occurs anymore.

At the annual meeting, the two farm helpers johannes heimann from freienfels and harald gretlein from feldbuch were honored. With almost 12,000 and a good 900 hours worked respectively, the two had shown their usual commitment to the machinery ring.

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