Problems again with boeings “dreamliner

Japan's lufthansa partner all nippon airways (ANA) canceled a domestic flight wednesday because the engine wouldn't start, the airline announced. About 140 passengers were rebooked on other planes.

Just the day before, competitor japan airlines (JAL) announced that a "dreamliner" had to turn back on a flight to singapore due to problems with the de-icing system of the engines. The jets have only been back in the air for a few weeks after being grounded for more than three months.

ANA's plane was repaired on wednesday and was ready to fly again two hours after the cancellation of the flight from yamaguchi ube airport in western japan to tokyo, it was reported. However, the plane is to be taken to tokyo without passengers for detailed examination.

The aircraft was not the one that had to make an emergency landing on the same route in january due to a battery problem, it added. This and other problems had prompted aviation authorities to ground the long-haul jet worldwide in mid january. ANA and JAL resumed operations of the "dreamliner" on june 1. June again.

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