Pro bad kissingen wants to become more professional

Pro bad kissingen wants to become more professional

Since chairman heiko grom and his deputy michael pal told the members of pro bad kissingen in october 2015 that they couldn’t go on like this, the advertising association has been looking for a new structure. Some members thought that such an association could hardly be run on a voluntary basis, as had been the case up to then.

After two years of internal discussions and talks with the city, a solution is apparently imminent: pro bad kissingen is to become the association stadtmarketing bad kissingen e.V. Become.

Professionalization is the central concept in the plans. In the past few months, heiko grom, who has only been managing the traditional bad kissingen advertising association with michael pal on a provisional basis since the memorable annual general meeting in 2015, has repeatedly called for this. At the same time, clear signals came from the town hall that the town would not leave the association, which is not least supported by the local retail trade, completely alone with the problems. "For me, it is an option to cooperate more strongly in the future with pro bad kissingen in the case of common interests.", said mayor kay blankenburg about this last june.

Everything not yet public

how this cooperation should look concretely, the advertising community and the city are currently still keeping secret. However, there must be a joint concept. Because both the advertising community and the city council want to talk about it first. At pro bad kissingen, another annual general meeting is coming up. And the councillors are therefore debating, in camera, the city’s agreement to the appointment of their councillor colleague klaus bollwein as managing director of the association stadtmarketing bad kissingen e.V..
Formal confirmations for the described plans do not exist from any side. The city hall did not want to say anything about this on friday, nor did klaus bollwein himself.

On the side of pro bad kissingen heiko grom could not be reached at all. And michael pal only confirmed the will to professionalize, but did not comment beyond that either.
This also leaves a whole series of follow-up questions largely to speculation. It is essential, for example: how should the association finance a professional management?? Can the city do something so that the plans do not fail already at this hurdle?

The tasks of a manager in an association that calls itself city marketing certainly also include fields that would otherwise be covered by an economic developer, for whom the city is currently also still waiting. Depending on how the cooperation with the city marketing e.V. Developed, the town hall will also design the succession solution for the former economic challenger michael wieden.

Despite their own economic demands

it is likely that the city will once again choose its own economic challenger as a matter of principle. Although there is no formal confirmation of this either. However, the informal indications from the city council and city hall point to this quite clearly. As far as the financing of the management is concerned, the city’s idea is apparently to appoint the manager or city manager of the association stadtmarketing bad kissingen e. V. To be entrusted again and again with tasks in the interest of the city. In this way a compensation for the association could be justified. Behind closed doors, there is talk of an amount in the mid-five-digit range. Siegfried farkas

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