Priest uwe hartmann’s recipe for the wine

priest uwe hartmann's recipe for the wine

Wonderful weather, a large number of visitors and a lot of water – that’s how you can describe the last ferry of the winegrowers in dettelbach.

"Every last barrel is the beginning and end of the new wine year" is the motto of wine princess katharina. One of the highlights on saturday afternoon was the second buttenlau competition, where clubs from the city had to pour as much water as possible into a coarse vat with skill and athletic endurance. A spontaneously assembled team from the audience also took part in the competition.

"The mixture will be good for the wine." uwe hartmann, city pastor in dettelbach

For this purpose, the wine and horticulture association, under the direction of klaus apfelbacher and the former wine princess laura krebmann, had set up a course on the market square, where the participants, after repeatedly filling the butts with water, transported them over difficult obstacles such as narrow planks and seesaws. It was foreseen that liters of water would completely drench the respective partner at the place of delivery, which led to great jubilation among the spectators each time.

Previously, there was a procession consisting of harvest wagons, vineyard equipment and vintage tractors, which moved under the accompaniment of the local music band across dettelbach to the marketplace. Under the moderation of klaus apfelbacher each vehicle was presented to the applause of the spectators.

A tractor from the 50s, which was lovingly restored, was a special attraction for the presenter. "As the lord so the lord", shouted the driver to the laughter of the visitors.

Pastor uwe hartmann performed the blessing of the harvest. For this he wetted a basket with grapes with water from a bottle he had brought with him "so that it becomes a wonderful wine" so his explanation to the spectators and he smiled and added: "this is not water from dettelbach, but water from lourdes". The mixture will be good for the wine!"

The winners of the "buttenlauf" were the up-and-comers from the dettelbach fubball team duo 09, followed in second place by the dettelbach water rescue team and the "knights of the right" team. Fourth place was taken by the "hermanna weinbergsbuben", fifth place by the group of wine princesses. Last was the selection from the audience.

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