Parts of ice wreck removed

parts of ice wreck removed

After the fire on an ICE long-distance train on the frankfurt-koln high-speed line, travelers will have to adjust to restrictions in rail traffic for several days to come.

"We expect the line to remain closed until the end of next week," said a spokeswoman for deutsche bahn AG (DB). During the night, the first parts of the damaged cars were transported away. According to the railroad, the clean-up work should be completed as soon as possible during the course of the day. Only then could the tracks and overhead lines in the area be repaired.

"The cleanup and repair work, as well as parallel ongoing investigations on the tracks, overhead line and signal technology continue," said the railroad spokeswoman. The fire in the ICE train broke out on friday morning near dierdorf, near neuwied in rhineland-palatinate, germany. 510 passengers were taken from the train. Five people suffered minor injuries, according to the police.

According to initial findings by the federal police, the fire was caused by a technical defect. Investigations into the exact cause were ongoing, a federal police spokesman said. "It could have been the transformer, it could also have been something else."The federal police ruled out the possibility of any influence from auben.

According to information from the german press agency, the train had only been technically inspected shortly before the fire at a factory – on thursday because of the smell of smouldering. "In the process, an air-conditioning unit was switched off due to a defective control system," said the railroad spokeswoman. She stressed: "this repair in another car of the train is in no way connected with the cause of the fire."

According to the railroad, the fire occurred after smoke developed on two cars. A federal police officer and other aid workers happened to be on board and assisted in clearing the train. The railroad wants to refund the ticket price to travelers of the ICE and to pay for damaged packing.

During the track closure, long-distance trains will be rerouted between koln, montabaur and frankfurt-airport. Travelers must prepare for delays of up to one and a half hours. From monday, additional trains will run between montabaur, limburg-sud, frankfurt-airport and frankfurt-main station.

The railroad also addressed allegations of a lack of communication with passengers during the fire. "The top priority in such a case is that the passengers leave the train quickly and safely," said the spokeswoman. It was "very well done.

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