Only eight municipal councils left in riedenberg

For the first time, the council of riedenberg will no longer consist of twelve, but only eight members. The reason for this is a decline in the population in recent years to less than 1000 inhabitants. Now the constituent meeting took place, and because of the corona conditional prescribed distance rules in the rough community hall

Mayor roland rommelt (CSU) regretted that he had not yet bid a fond farewell to the departing council members. The current exceptional situation had not yet allowed this to happen. " but of course we will make up for this as soon as possible within the framework of the project", he promised.

The first item on the agenda was the swearing in of the only new councilor, hubert dorn. All the other councilors have been in office for one or more legislative periods.

Matthias dorn (CSU), who has so far been 2. The former mayor did not stand for election this time. Thus the previous 3. Burgermeister , peter hergenroder (freie burger), as 2. Burgermeister proposed and elected unanimously by secret ballot.

Not mandatory is a 3. Mayor, as roland rommelt explained. In a vote, however, all rates decided to fill this position again in this period. Proposed and unanimously elected for this was mirko metz (freie burger).

It was also unanimously decided to adopt the existing statutes of the town council.

Matthias dorn, klaus schumm, andreas nuchter and jurgen kohlhepp were elected to the audit committee. The chairmanship is taken over by matthias dorn. His deputy is andreas nuchter.

Mayor roland rommelt, 2 of the members of the municipal assembly, were elected. Burgermeister peter hergenroder and as representatives 3. Mayor mirko metz appointed.

Mayor roland rommelt was reappointed as registrar of births, marriages and deaths. In the future, peter hergenroder will be able to represent the council in addition to alois dorn.

Youth representative will be andreas nuchter in the future. Thursday is to be retained as the fixed meeting day.

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