Oerlenbach: children go on a modern treasure hunt

This time, the organizers wanted to introduce the children to the topic of geocaching. First, all participants came together at the parking lot in front of the gate of the federal police to then walk to the silk ranch. Here the girls and boys received a briefing on geocaching and were divided into three groups.

Then it was off, and the children were on their way with their respective companions on three different routes to conquer the caches. It was exciting and thrilling until the little treasure hunters found the caches in the forest.

Ubumg: stretcher built

At terzenbrunn, where all three groups met, there was a break for drinks and the children were instructed to build a stretcher from two poles and three shirts to simulate the transport of an injured person. Afterwards, the stable lateral position was explained and taught, and everyone had a great time.

When she returned to the ranch, the sausages were already roasting on the grill, and a decent meal was very welcome after the hike and what she had experienced. After lunch, the girls and boys also had the opportunity to play a few games in the garden of the silk ranch before heading back to the federal police parking lot, where the little ones were welcomed back by their parents. "For the children it was an exciting day and many wished for a repeat next year", the organizers announced.

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