Motorist gets trapped in his bmw

A spectacular traffic accident occurred shortly after midnight on saturday night on the staatsstrabe (freeway access road) near knetzgau. The accident section had a length of 130 meters. Two people were injured, some seriously, in a BMW crash. According to the police, the car suffered total damage amounting to 40,000 euros

Against 0.10 o’clock an emergency call was received by the integrated control center schweinfurt (ILS), which in turn immediately alerted the fire departments from knetzgau and sand, which arrived with over 50 men. A 61-year-old man had been driving his BMW on the feeder road in the direction of habfurt when he apparently veered off the road to the right. There, it literally smashed a rough signpost before bouncing off it and driving up the embankment on the opposite side of the carriageway. A tree that was in the way of the car was uprooted and split in two. For the vehicle, which is registered in the district of konstanz, the skidding under the strabenbrucke ended shortly before the exit knetzgau. The BMW crashed into the bridge pillar there. Parts of the trummer were scattered all over the road.

While the 33-year-old female passenger could be quickly freed from the destroyed car by the rescue service, the rescue of the driver proved to be difficult. Trapped in the leg area, the rescue of the man took almost an hour. "According to the instructions of the emergency physician, the person was freed with the hydraulic rescue shears and spreader", reported incident commander manuel smuda, who is also second in command of the knetzgau fire department. The roof of the car had to be cut off and a door and the b-strut had to be removed. The steering wheel was pulled upwards, and after the legs were free, the patient was taken out of the BMW via a spineboard.

The injured passenger was transported by ambulance to habfurt hospital, while the man was admitted to the shock room at bamberg hospital. Officers from the habfurt police department recorded the accident and are now investigating the incident. The section of the state highway was completely closed for over three hours until the accident vehicle was removed by a towing company.

Two tragic accidents have already occurred in the past under the bridge on which the road from knetzgau to sand runs. In march 2013, a 24-year-old scooter rider died there one day before his birthday. A few years later, a car left the road and hit the wall of the bridge. Black stripes on the concrete still bear witness to the events of that time.

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