Lonnerstadt has a new viewing pavilion

"We made yellow snow", an entry in the guest book gives information. From which it can be concluded that on the one hand it was winter and on the other hand that the hikers met an urgent need. Katja and uwe from the wine-growing town of erlabrunn in lower franconia had a craving for something different: "if there was still beer here, it would be perfect", they wrote in the guestbook and added: "the drill is right!"
The fact that the first pavilion along the hiking trails around lonnerstadt has been excellently received can be seen from the five guest book entries that have been made so far. From everywhere come the wanderers. Even a page in japanese writing is to be discovered, however, not to be decided. Let’s hope that the new second pavilion above lonnerstadt, near the schutzenhaus, will not be inferior to it.
The nature lovers of lonnerstadt have erected the hut including the seating area on the viewing platform, covered it with roofing and paved the area. Although it was already finished in the fall of 2011, it was only now that a small "inauguration" was held with champagne and a snack celebrated and handed over the building to the second mayor stefan himpel () and thus officially to the community of lonnerstadt.
Of course, bernhard kostner, a carpenter from fetzelhofen, was also on hand, who made the plans, carried out the preliminary work for the wooden construction and was responsible for supervising the building work.
"From the beginning in may until the completion in october, about 300 volunteer hours were spent", reported naturfreunde chairman erich gittelbauer. The work is essentially "taken care of" by the board of directors have been. The nature lovers have therefore come up with
its initials immortalized in the pavement and in the substructure of the table.
Stefan himpel, who represented burgermeister link, thanked everyone who helped make this place possible. He also thanked the owners of the land, herbert krafft and karl herzog, who leased the land for the two viewpoints to the community. First for twelve years, then the contract has to be extended.
The new vantage point is – according to local councillor regina bruckmann – 330 meters above sea level and is thus probably the second highest elevation in the area. The view sweeps into the distance – with good visibility as far as the walberla in french switzerland. From up there you have a beautiful view of hochstadt, sterpersdorf, mailach and of course of lonnerstadt itself.
The "am furst" viewing pavilion, the pavilion erected by hans feth, hermann and erich popp in a private initiative is the older of the two. Feth recalls the origins. On 1. August 2009 was the beginning and the pavilion was ready for the church fair in lonnerstadt at the beginning of october.

At work with enthusiasm

but there is also a back story. While working on the hiking maps, sepp effenberg had the idea of placing "planned pavilions" at suitable points to be entered. Never thought this could be realized, says hermann popp. But then the 1100th anniversary came to the rescue and the first pavilion was realized. "We got ourselves so excited and that hasn’t stopped", says feth. Probably not until today.
The "lookout tree" was a completely different construction site. Holes were drilled in the tree trunk in the direction of the various vistas and villages. "We targeted uehlfeld and came out in oberhochstadt", feth paid. The lonnerstadt "master builders have allowed themselves naturally also jokes. The peak of the zugspitze is said to be visible through a peephole. However, "only with a special telescope of the municipality", is written on the sign underneath.
In fact, however, one of the "furst" has a wonderful view. In good weather conditions, the view extends as far as the transmission mast in hemhofen and the television tower on the kalberberg. But the lookout pavilion itself was also visible from afar. "From pahres on, you can see it", says
The total cost of the two pavilions was 32,666 euros. On the claimable costs of 26,646 euros, the municipality received a claim from EU funds of 13,323 euros (50 percent) through the LAG aischgrund (local action group). A total of 571 volunteer hours were worked at the two pavilions.

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