Kunftig own christmas trees in seinsheim

Kunftig own christmas trees in seinsheim

Between the seinsheim vineyards and the rain overflow basin, the community owns a flat area of half an acre. She now wants to grow a spruce crop on part of it. "This will give us christmas trees for the community," said mayor heinz dorsch, commenting on the decision at the meeting of the seinsheim town council.

Another topic is about trees: similar to the municipality of willanzheim, the municipality of seinsheim is also threatened with trouble because of the care of the middle forest, mayor dorsch reported to the municipal council on monday. The grant for this year is in jeopardy. In seinsheim, too, the issue is about driving through the forest. At the moment, it is still being examined, explained dorsch.

City hall becomes a monument

Other topics in the council:

– the iffigheim town hall will probably be declared a monument, mayor heinz dorsch reported to the town council. There, the community wanted to realize a community room for 70 to 80 people. During an inspection, previously unrecognized old components were discovered that made the old part of the building particularly worthy of protection. This means that the municipality must proceed even more sensitively. On the other hand, however, this also opened up new possibilities for demands.

– an earlier decision on the joint land use plan for special areas for wind power, the council canceled as expected. Now all possible areas are again included in the early involvement of the authorities. The municipality of martinsheim has so far been opposed to this because only flat areas were planned on its territory. Marktbreit, martinsheim, obernbreit and seinsheim are trying to designate a common flat area.

– from 1. January the kindergarten in seinsheim opens 15 minutes earlier, at 7 a.M., at parents’ request.3 p.M.

– on a trial basis, a company from uffenheim is allowed to set up a clothing container in seinsheim for one year. The council agreed to the request.

– according to mayor dorsch, iffigheim children want a place where they can wait for the bus to middle school. "It will be difficult to fulfill the request," he suspects, with an eye to the space available.

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