Kasperskys reorganize their companies

His former wife has given up her 30 percent stake in kaspersky lab, eugene kaspersky told dpa news agency on thursday. He thus confirmed the statements made by his ex-wife in the "financial times deutschland". Kaspersky lab is one of the leading providers of security software.

He himself is now also no longer involved in the infowatch company run by natalya kaspersky, said the company founder during a visit to tokyo. "There are now no more uberkreuz-participations."Eugene kaspersky would not comment on the details of the agreement, but said, "it took a long time and was somewhat complicated."He himself is the main shareholder of kaspersky lab, in addition there are some smaller shareholders.

Eugene kaspersky said he does not consider infowatch, which was founded as a kaspersky subsidiary in 2003, to be a competitor. The technological approaches are too different for that to be the case. Natalya kaspersky also told the "financial times deutschland": "we are not a direct competitor."Infowatch specializes in data protection for companies against attacks from robots. Eugene kaspersky said that he prefers integrated all-in-one solutions.

The manager said that the most important strategic priorities for this year are the expansion of the enterprise business, i.E. Solutions for large companies, and the protection of new platforms. According to its CEO, kaspersky lab wants to counteract the security risks posed by mobile devices and mac computers in particular.

The IT security industry is particularly competitive. Coarser than kaspersky lab are symantec and mcafee. Kaspersky said his company is no longer achieving growth rates of 60 percent as in the past, but expects a double-digit increase in sales this year, which most recently reached 612 million dollars.

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