It’s cheaper to build in the countryside

Joachim and christa meier have had a new address for some time: in summer they moved into their new house in the "auf der hohe" building area moved to the outskirts of burghaig. They feel comfortable there. And that compensates them every day anew for the fact that they have to pay a little more for their building site than elsewhere.
The building area "auf der hohe they have deliberately chosen.

"It was important to me that there was a church congregation there", says christa meier and her husband joachim adds: "with the costs that a new building like this brings with it, the price per square meter doesn’t matter so much." rather on the beautiful location. "You can get to the city quickly and the view is fantastic", the builder emphasizes.

Many people interested in building
just like the meier couple, many people are currently deciding to build a house. This is also observed by district master gunther stenglein. The business situation in the third quarter of this year was good: "with an average capacity utilization of 85 percent, construction is the busiest craft sector in upper franconia."

Because the demand for building land is high, some municipalities have designated new building sites. The prices for building land vary considerably. The most expensive plots of land are those close to the city.

But although future builders will have to dig deep into their pockets here, the demand is high. This is what simon ries, press spokesman for the city of kulmbach, says. "There are only a few vacant plots left in burghaig. And it’s still a relatively new development area." but obviously the environment with school, kindergarten and city bus traffic was just right.

For some builders, however, the price of their plot is a very important argument. If you’re well informed, you can save money. In the district, prices vary between 26 and 96 euros per square meter. Although the sites in the city are the most expensive, at 95 or 96 euros per square meter, they have a clear advantage for press spokesman ries: "it’s simply very interesting to live close to the city."

vacancies in the countryside
construction was also possible in kupferberg, for example. There are still some free building sites, as an advertising banner at the entrance to the site reveals. However, herbert opel, the mayor of kupferberg, notes that demand in his village is rather low: "although we have a really good offer of 48.50 euros per developed square meter, the sales figures are low." in the last few years, we have often sold only one plot per year. This year, however, there were already three.

The mayor of rugendorf, martin weib, also speaks of a rather modest demand: "our building sites are favorable. But although we have a good location, the demand was never very high."

therefore, the municipality has decided early to buy cheap land and turn it into building land. These building sites are then sold to interested builders at equally low prices. In addition, the municipality of rugendorf is trying to design the infrastructure in such a way that it remains interesting for new builders. In addition, the preservation of the two bank branches and the village store, which is to be built in the small community in brief, will pay off.

Well-being in rugendorf
natascha berg and her boyfriend have already built in rugendorf."I’m not a city kid, says the new rugendorf resident, who comes from schmeilsdorf and last lived in kulmbach. "I like the quiet and rural area, that’s why we decided to build in the countryside."

the decision to settle in rugendorf was made very quickly by the couple: "my friend drove across the country and looked at building sites. He discovered the building area in rugendorf. The next day we met with the mayor – and signed the purchase contract the same week.

The new neighbors have done their part to make the couple, who moved in in may, feel at home: "when we invited them to a sausage dinner after we moved in, the whole street actually showed up."

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