Holidaymaker falls from cruise ship and floats in the sea: this is how she survived for ten hours

A holidaymaker who fell from a cruise ship in the croatian adriatic was rescued from the sea after ten hours on sunday. This was reported by the croatian ministry of the interior in zagreb on sunday. The "norwegian star" had left the croatian port of pula on the istrian peninsula on saturday evening for venice, when the passenger went overboard shortly before midnight.

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How did she survive so long?

How the woman managed to stay in the water for ten hours was at first a mystery. She now seems to have solved this problem: with the help of singing and yoga fitness, the holidaymaker survived in the water. The british woman was on saturday night from the "norwegian star" fell into the adriatic sea, as reported by the croatian ministry of the interior in zagreb. The exact cause was still unclear on monday. "By all appearances she was drunk", quoted by the british newspaper "daily mail a passenger who did not want to give his name. The woman is said to have fallen from the seventh deck.

Despite an intensive search, she was discovered only around 10 a.M. On sunday, only 1300 meters away from the accident site, and was rescued unharmed by a navy ship, according to the ministry. "She said that she sang so that she would not feel the cold so much during the night", a rescuer told the british newspaper "the sun". She also said she felt fit because she practiced yoga.

"These wonderful boys saved me!"

According to experts, the woman was lucky in her misfortune because the sea was relatively calm and warm. She also seems to be psychologically strong. "These wonderful boys saved me, the british woman told the croatian television station HRT. "I fell off the ship and was in the sea for ten hours." surveillance cameras on board recorded the fall – so the search area could be narrowed down approximately.

After an examination in the hospital, the woman could be seen on TV pictures in a very good mood and surprisingly fit. Only her face was burned by the sun. It is said to be a flight attendant who lives mainly in spain. In an interview with the "daily mail she gave her age as 46.

100 kilometers off the croatian coast

The "norwegian star, belonging to a US shipping company, had left the croatian port of pula on the istrian peninsula for venice on saturday evening when the passenger went overboard shortly before midnight. The incident is said to have occurred almost 100 kilometers off the coast of croatia.

The rescue of people on the high seas after several hours is often called a miracle. In 2001, a sailor off the northwest coast of scotland survived almost 12 hours in ice-cold water. Six more sailors who had not made it to the rescue island after their fishing boat sank could only be recovered dead.

13-year-old girl survives two days in the sea

As recently as the end of june this year, a crew member of a cruise ship is reported to have survived in the water for almost 24 hours after falling off board. However, the man drifted in warmer climes. He was quoted in the "miami herald" according to north of the coast of cuba saved. People have survived longer on the high seas with aids. A 13-year-old girl is said to have survived two days in the sea off indonesia in 2007 with nine others clinging only to driftwood after their fishing boat sank.

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