High damage caused by fire in bamberg

High damage caused by fire in bamberg

Around three o’clock on friday morning, passers-by noticed a strong smell of fire coming from the currently vacant house on jackstrabe and notified the police. Immediately afterwards, the flames were already blazing meters high from the roof trusses of the multi-story building. A large fire department began with the firefighting work.

For this purpose, the jackstrabe and the magazinstrabe had to be completely closed temporarily. About 7.At 30 o’clock, the fire department had the fire under control, but further safety work by the fire department continued until 1 o’clock p.M. No one was injured.

The former locksmith’s shop under reconstruction is to be converted into a student dormitory. The fire caused considerable damage to the attic of the building, which was completely destroyed and is currently unoccupied. The damage is estimated to be in the range of several hundred thousand euros.

The bamberg criminal investigation department began investigating the cause of the fire early this morning. However, the investigation is difficult because of the length of the firefighting work and the size of the building. Fire investigators suspect the source of the fire to be under the roof. Yesterday, demolition work was carried out at various locations there. Whether these are to be seen in connection with the cause of the fire must be determined by further investigations. For this purpose an expert has been commissioned. The investigators do not assume arson.

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