Groundbreaking for a mammoth project in munnerstadt

"What lasts long becomes good. There is hardly a project where this is so true." with these words, district administrator thomas bold opened the ceremonies for the official groundbreaking for the new vocational training center (BBZ) in munnerstadt. Ten years ago, the issue was raised for the first time, he recalled. Then it was first a question of whether there would be a general renovation or a new building. In 2013, manfred steigerwald from caritas schulen ggmbh approached the district again and then the district council decided to transfer the academy for social pedagogy and the vocational school for geriatric care to the caritas schulen. "Then the conditions for the new building had to be created", according to the district administrator. That was first of all the procurement of the building site. An area close to the city was found, thanks to the augustinians, who sold the site. The plans were coordinated with the partner, in the meantime rudolf hofmann was managing director of the caritas schools.

Thomas bold praised the caritas diozesanverband with domkapitular clemens bieber, as well as the government of lower franconia, which was represented by gustav eirich, responsible for the schools, for the "excellent support" . The cooperation with the city of munnerstadt had also been excellent, especially with regard to the parking lots and the access road. A traffic circle is planned. The school management of the BBZ has also worked very actively together with the colleagues. He regretted very much that harry koch was present at the groundbreaking ceremony, but would no longer be in office when the school moved in. The district administrator also singled out the architect professor gunther benkert, who had won the architectural competition. "I am pleased that the groundbreaking ceremony marks the official start of the work", said the district administrator. But he also asked the neighbors for understanding. "It will not always be without noise and dust."

"today’s groundbreaking ceremony makes it clear: after several years of preparation, which were needed for the architectural competition, the planning of the architects and specialist planners, after all the coordination and, last but not least, the archaeological excavations, which were always carried out, the time has now come to build the new school. The new building of the BBZ munnerstadt is taking shape, from now on the construction progress can be followed directly and the common goal of realizing the new BBZ building becomes visible", said rudolf hoffmann. With the handover of the schools and the start-up financing of the newly founded specialist school for curative education by the district of bad kissingen, it was clear that the caritas schools would participate in the new building as a builder and thus as an investor. The share of the caritas schools is 42.58 percent of the current 27.7 million euro construction costs. With a subsidy of only 50 percent, a net investment of well over six million euros remained.

While eight of 23 catholic schools in the archdiocese of hamburg are to be closed for lack of money, the caritas schools, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the diozesan-caritasverband, are investing so much money. "We believe that in the future it will only be possible to make the church tangible and tangible if the church – in addition to its liturgical offerings – creates opportunities for people to meet, contact addresses, and social and charitable services on site and also leads them into the future." the manager said that retreat could not be the motto. He wished the pupils and students "that they find optimal conditions for their education here in munnerstadt, here in the countryside".

With the district of bad kissingen, above all district administrator thomas bold and the district council, a cooperative partnership has developed. Rudolf hoffmann also praised the employees of the district administration, especially thorsten krament and harald schafer.

The percussion group and the community choir of the BBZ provided the musical accompaniment. Thomas bold then called for the official groundbreaking ceremony. Because munnerstadt’s mayor helmut blank (CSU) was not present, he asked the second mayor, andreas tragner (freie wahler) to. "I was in office", helmut blank said on wednesday. Due to a data problem within the city administration, he did not know about the appointment.

Facts and dates
the site area of the new BBZ is 11,511 square meters, the built-up area 2900 square meters and the floor area 8800 square meters. The space amounts to 48,300 square meters the construction costs are currently estimated at 27.7 million euros. The district council met on 22. The decision to build the new center was made in november 2012, the building permit was issued in mid-january of this year, and the district has been active since october 2016. A lot of time has been taken up by the archaeological investigations, which are still going on in a small area. The new BBZ will be home to around 600 schoolchildren or. 20 classes have place. In may, the structural work begins.

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