Gladly heard fairground calls in forchheim

Who goes to town on sunday to buy a siphon burst or a pound of horse sausage? Or diabetic stockings, joint scrapers, rubber laces. Or a spider sweeper. Kornelia schwantke, who has been coming from bad konigshofen to forchheim for years to trade in stockings at the fair, explains it like this: "there are fewer young people here, but the older crowd is all the more numerous. The older ones still like to be advised. And some are looking for the language, they need the language."

In the morning, people crowded the parade grounds and nurnberger strabe in glorious weather. At lothar schramm’s stand, too, customers didn’t just want to buy housewares, they wanted to talk about them. Lothar schramm from neuschleichach, who has known the forchheim carnival for 30 years, likes to talk. He convinces a customer to buy a potato peeler: "I’ve had mine for 15 years and it still cuts just like it did on the first day." lothar schramm explains that the bowl must be rinsed with hot water immediately after use. "It can be left to air in the drawer, you don’t have to dry it out."

He can also talk about the care and durability of knives (at least ten years) and potato graters. Lothar schramm is a third-generation housewares merchant. His ancestors had managed it with the "hand cart the man from the habberge tells his story.

The journey on sunday morning was much shorter for anke edelmann. "Just a cat’s jump", says the flower and fruit dealer from muggendorf. Your flower arrangements for ten euros are in demand. Your colleague advertised "suben klementinen" to the strolling market visitors. Or, in keeping with the season: "try some of the good grapes."

Not only people from the forchheim area were attracted by the fairground calls. The men in the green shirts, who marched laughing towards the parade grounds at 11 a.M., had traveled more than 100 kilometers from the main-tauber district to get here. On her green shirts it was written: tractor friends kulsheim. But they didn’t have their tractors with them, says a kulsheim man. "That was too far. We also have two more rides today, then it’s off to kellerwald."

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