Gabi schmidt takes top spot

Gabi schmidt takes top spot

State parliament member gabi schmidt from uehlfeld starts the state parliament election campaign from the second place on the list of the free voters in central franconia. With this top nomination, the delegates’ meeting in rednitzhembach acknowledged the deputy federal chairwoman’s good work in the state parliament over the past five years.
2013 gabi schmidt was on list position 5. Nevertheless, she managed to get into the state parliament at that time. Current polls see the free voters currently at seven to eight percent, the chances of re-entering the maximilianeum are therefore very good.

Target mark: twelve percent

"with a good election campaign and a good presentation of our goals and successes, a target of twelve percent for the whole of bavaria is not too high. The important thing is that the candidates pull together and want to achieve the best for the region", stresses gabi schmidt.
Schmidt finds it regrettable that "the proportion of women among the independent voters is again not very high". Only your own tuning circle will stand out. In total, only five women made it onto the 24 nominated for the state list; on the district list, seven out of 24, including adelheid payer-pechan from dachsbach, were nominated.
"We women from the various constituencies must quickly network and structure ourselves even better so that the proportion of women in the state parliament and the district parliament increases, stimulates the delegates.
But it is also important for gabi schmidt to "put up new, young, committed candidates".

Aiwanger as guest

guest of the nomination meeting was hubert aiwanger. The state and national chairman addressed current political developments. It is particularly important for him that the collection of signatures for the abolition of the strabs extension contribution statute was started. "Although the political competitors berate us for it, must be collected." because the CSU does not say how it wants to abolish the contributions and who should bear the costs. "Only when this is clarified, the collection becomes abundant.", aiwanger told the delegates.

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