Forchheim: outgoing father especially concerned about seniors

After two years as parochial vicar in charge of the parishes of st. Martin, declaration of christ in forchheim and st. St. John d. T. And st. Ottilie kersbach leads father binu puthenkunnel the professional way to st. Michael in nurnberg. There he will lead, with more responsibility, the fate of the parish. Nuremberg is not unknown to him. Already at the beginning of his work in germany he was active in a parish of nurnberg. The parish of kersbach bid farewell to father binu in a service which he celebrated with dean martin emge. Many kersbacher came to the parish church, as far as the corona rules allow it.

Father binu said he had enjoyed being in kersbach and was looking forward to his new task. But he will be missed in the pastoral area: there is no substitute for him.

Father emge described him as an ever-ready, friendly and extremely punctual employee. As part of the house community in the "manner-WG he will be missed. If a priest was needed anywhere, anytime, he was available.

In addition to the pastoral care, his special focus of work was the care for the seniors in the pastoral area. This is how the chairwoman of the senior citizens’ club st. Ottilie presented him after the service. The parish council chairman klaus zametzer said goodbye to the priest, who was very popular in kersbach, with a riddle, the solution of which he did not come up with. It described many things that belonged only to him. You cannot buy this, you cannot steal this … It did not occur to him – his laughter. Zametzer presented him with a basket of specialties for his kitchen, hoping that he would think fondly of kersbach and stop by from time to time if possible.

Father binu thanked everyone, including his superior, pastor emge, who presented him with a special book that would help him in his new task. Father said thank you to all who have accompanied him in the past years. The door in nurnberg is always open. He asked to pray for him, as he does for everyone.

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