Fdp counters with schauferla on “veggie day

Fdp counters with schauferla on 'veggie day

With the transparent “freedom of choice instead of veggie day”, the and “freedom instead of paternalism mdb sebastian korber, general secretary patrick doring and the candidates of the FDP for the upcoming elections demonstrated on wednesday in forchheim for the right to decide alone what is put on the table. In this case: “french shovel la.”

In principle, says sebastian korber, a member of the bundestag from forchheim, there is nothing wrong with a meat-free day. The catholic church has been practicing this since time immemorial. "But to want to dictate to someone what they can eat on a certain day, as the colleagues of bundnis 90/ die grunen intend to do, that’s a whole other dimension again.", raged korber.

Doring pushes against red-green
the general secretary of the liberals, patrick doring from lower saxony, called this plan "governess-like. And that’s not the only mab regulation, he enthused. Jurgen trittin and co. Wanted to ban plastic bags as well as substitutes near kindergartens or cheap flights. "A clear "choice" of the electorate, said doring.

Never before has the difference between schwerz-gelb and rot-grun become so clear. While the federal government has achieved a "structurally balanced budget" for the first time since 1968 red-grun is relying on a policy of debt-making. "From our point of view, a good economic basis is the prerequisite for success. If tax revenues rise, social spending falls. So there is room for improvement and tax relief. We want to continue on this path consistently", the FDP secretary-general affirmed that.

Korber’s goals
sebastian korber emphasized that he would continue to work to strengthen the middle class, which accounts for 75 percent of apprenticeship positions. He wants to continue to fight for the optimization of the train station, the expansion of the ICE, the protection of the larm on the A 73, the preservation of lock 94 and the S-bahn stop forchheim-nord.

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