Dinkels celebrated 60 years ago roughly at home

At the diamond wedding last thursday, the group of people was probably a little more manageable than 60 years ago on the 20. September 1958, when hermann and lissi dinkel were still getting married in their own registry office in the then independent municipality of beiersdorf. God's blessing followed in the st.-matthaus church in neuses by pastor otto ress. 60 years ago, it was quite common to celebrate large family parties in one's own house, which was naturally full to bursting. Cooking women were there who had been specially hired. The mobels were jerked so that there was space.

Hermann dinkel arrived on 21. March 1937 in schottenstein to the world. Lissi dinkel's birth was on the 4th. February 1937 in beiersdorf. Hermann started an apprenticeship as a baker in coburg at the age of 17. Lissi worked on her parents' farm after attending elementary school. In later years she worked for a large coburg insurance company. Hermann dinkel had to give up baking due to a flour allergy and was then employed at a textile wholesaler in coburg until his retirement.

The passionate hobby gardener hermann dinkel and his wife lissi enjoyed their hours of leisure. The house and garden are lovingly cared for and used by both couples. The couple has a daughter, irene, born in 1959, and grandchildren sascha and pascal feiler. With pascal and their granddaughter-in-law sylvia and great-granddaughter mila, the couple lives in lissi's parents' house in beiersdorf. Son-in-law joachim feiler and former burgermeister hans-heinrich ulmann also congratulated the couple on their diamond wedding anniversary. 

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