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With the appointment of the allianz agency sven hoffmann from forchheim as its general agency, the office considered launching a fundraising campaign for 750 euro. For this purpose, non-profit organizations for children, schools and kindergartens could apply with a project of their choice. With a vote on the agency’s facebook page, all users had the opportunity to vote for four different projects.
The winner was the “rabbel zabbel” daycare center from forchheim with its “movement landscape” project. Now the check was handed over at the daycare center.
After a welcome by 15 children and the team around director joanna schiener, the little ones could not wait to release balloons. In advance, parents and their children could fill out a small note with a message, pictures or stickers, which were then released into the air together with the balloons. The shining eyes of the children followed the colorful balloons in the sunny sky until they were no longer visible. “I hope the children will have a lot of fun in the new building with the new movement landscape, which can now be purchased”, said hoffmann. “>

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