De maiziere on bamf affair: “bear the responsibility”

De maiziere on bamf affair: 'bear the responsibility'

Former federal interior minister thomas de maiziere said he was not involved in the alleged misconduct at the bremen office of the federal office for migration and refugees (bamf).

"As interior minister, i naturally bear full political responsibility for all events that took place in my area of responsibility during my time in office," the CDU politician added on friday in berlin before a special session of the interior committee on the subject.

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Kasperskys reorganize their companies

His former wife has given up her 30 percent stake in kaspersky lab, eugene kaspersky told dpa news agency on thursday. He thus confirmed the statements made by his ex-wife in the "financial times deutschland". Kaspersky lab is one of the leading providers of security software.

He himself is now also no longer involved in the infowatch company run by natalya kaspersky, said the company founder during a visit to tokyo. "There are now no more uberkreuz-participations."Eugene kaspersky would not comment on the details of the agreement, but said, "it took a long time and was somewhat complicated."He himself is the main shareholder of kaspersky lab, in addition there are some smaller shareholders.

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“Prototype of a perfect network”

Stephan herbert fuchs the kulmbach machinery and auxiliary ring presented a successful performance record at its annual meeting. Even though the value of all services invoiced fell slightly from 3.4 million euros to 3.3 million euros, the result of 5685 invoices was once again more than respectable, according to managing director werner friedlein.

The slight decline is mainly the result of lower machine use, which in turn is related to the unusually dry weather in 2018. On the other hand, there was even a slight increase in farm assistance, with economic assignments, e.G. To cover operational peaks, and assistance assignments, e.G. In the case of sickness-related absences of workers, more or less balancing each other out. The number of members of the MR kulmbach is currently unchanged at 847, although, according to the managing director, there are only 830 farmers in the district. "We cover more than 100 percent with this", says friedlein.

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