Small steamer for the fc geesdorf

FC geesdorf can't seem to get below six goals at the moment. Unlike at FT schweinfurt, where the black-and-whites had won 5:1 a week ago, the goals were evenly distributed this time. The duel with TG hochberg ended with a fair draw. "It was important that we didn't lose this game," said FC player-coach jannik feidel after his team conceded points at home for the first time this season in front of 200 spectators. "Especially in the first half, we were too careless and conceded a goal right at the beginning."

Jeffrey karl, who was surprisingly called upon as a striker, scored in the fourth minute for the intensely pressing hochberger team. "At first we did not succeed in countering with simple means," explained feidel. Nevertheless, he and his team from geesdorf had a chance to score – and immediately after the first break, vincent held equalized with a solo run across half the pitch (27.).

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Pilots’ strike: lufthansa almost suspends flight operations

The list of more than 200 connections published on the internet on monday only included the canceled intercontinental flights, a spokesman in frankfurt explained. The list will be extended on monday to include the short and medium haul routes which have also been cancelled. The cancellations are valid for connections until saturday.

Further information on the pilots’ strike and flight cancellations at lufthansa can also be found here.

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High damage caused by fire in bamberg

High damage caused by fire in bamberg

Around three o’clock on friday morning, passers-by noticed a strong smell of fire coming from the currently vacant house on jackstrabe and notified the police. Immediately afterwards, the flames were already blazing meters high from the roof trusses of the multi-story building. A large fire department began with the firefighting work.

For this purpose, the jackstrabe and the magazinstrabe had to be completely closed temporarily. About 7.At 30 o’clock, the fire department had the fire under control, but further safety work by the fire department continued until 1 o’clock p.M. No one was injured.

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Marriages curb men’s alcohol use

Marriages curb men's alcohol use

This is what U.S. Researchers found after analyzing several studies with a total of more than 5,000 participants.

Married women also consume more drinks than those who have been divorced for a long time or recently widowed. One of the reasons is that many had lived with a man who drank more alcohol than they did, the researchers, led by corinne reczek of the university of cincinnati, suggest. They wanted to present their results at the 107. American sociological association (asa) to present findings at its meeting in denver, which ends on monday.

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Lonnerstadt has a new viewing pavilion

"We made yellow snow", an entry in the guest book gives information. From which it can be concluded that on the one hand it was winter and on the other hand that the hikers met an urgent need. Katja and uwe from the wine-growing town of erlabrunn in lower franconia had a craving for something different: "if there was still beer here, it would be perfect", they wrote in the guestbook and added: "the drill is right!"
The fact that the first pavilion along the hiking trails around lonnerstadt has been excellently received can be seen from the five guest book entries that have been made so far. From everywhere come the wanderers. Even a page in japanese writing is to be discovered, however, not to be decided. Let’s hope that the new second pavilion above lonnerstadt, near the schutzenhaus, will not be inferior to it.
The nature lovers of lonnerstadt have erected the hut including the seating area on the viewing platform, covered it with roofing and paved the area. Although it was already finished in the fall of 2011, it was only now that a small "inauguration" was held with champagne and a snack celebrated and handed over the building to the second mayor stefan himpel () and thus officially to the community of lonnerstadt.
Of course, bernhard kostner, a carpenter from fetzelhofen, was also on hand, who made the plans, carried out the preliminary work for the wooden construction and was responsible for supervising the building work.
"From the beginning in may until the completion in october, about 300 volunteer hours were spent", reported naturfreunde chairman erich gittelbauer. The work is essentially "taken care of" by the board of directors have been. The nature lovers have therefore come up with
its initials immortalized in the pavement and in the substructure of the table.
Stefan himpel, who represented burgermeister link, thanked everyone who helped make this place possible. He also thanked the owners of the land, herbert krafft and karl herzog, who leased the land for the two viewpoints to the community. First for twelve years, then the contract has to be extended.
The new vantage point is – according to local councillor regina bruckmann – 330 meters above sea level and is thus probably the second highest elevation in the area. The view sweeps into the distance – with good visibility as far as the walberla in french switzerland. From up there you have a beautiful view of hochstadt, sterpersdorf, mailach and of course of lonnerstadt itself.
The "am furst" viewing pavilion, the pavilion erected by hans feth, hermann and erich popp in a private initiative is the older of the two. Feth recalls the origins. On 1. August 2009 was the beginning and the pavilion was ready for the church fair in lonnerstadt at the beginning of october.

At work with enthusiasm

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Forchheim: outgoing father especially concerned about seniors

After two years as parochial vicar in charge of the parishes of st. Martin, declaration of christ in forchheim and st. St. John d. T. And st. Ottilie kersbach leads father binu puthenkunnel the professional way to st. Michael in nurnberg. There he will lead, with more responsibility, the fate of the parish. Nuremberg is not unknown to him. Already at the beginning of his work in germany he was active in a parish of nurnberg. The parish of kersbach bid farewell to father binu in a service which he celebrated with dean martin emge. Many kersbacher came to the parish church, as far as the corona rules allow it.

Father binu said he had enjoyed being in kersbach and was looking forward to his new task. But he will be missed in the pastoral area: there is no substitute for him.

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Fire department is prepared for ice tunnel accident

fire department is prepared for ice tunnel accident

In the middle of the corridor between stadel and puchitz is the entrance to the rescue gallery. A gravelled square with a barrier, two container-like houses with utilities and the angular concrete block of the access road form the head of the rescue tunnel. KBI siegfried hammrich has the key power, he opens the gate to the underworld. One of his tasks as district fire inspector is to develop the rescue concept for the three ICE tunnels in the district of lichtenfels, the "eierberg", "kulch" and "lightwood" – to coordinate.

On this day, KBI siegfried hammrich and puchitz commander nikolaus weib look after things in the tunnel. They open the gate and drive down to the bottom of the tunnel, to the level where the actual ICE tubes are located, through which they are already driving at up to 300 km/h on a trial basis. At the end of the year, the nurnberg-erfurt intercity express line, which includes the three tunnels, will be regularly opened to rail traffic.

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Merz, seehofer and the end of the coalition

With former bavarian minister president gunther beckstein (CSU) and long-time munich mayor christian ude (SPD), sparkasse mainfranken had invited two political bigwigs and experts on the current political scene to an evening of discussion. The two top politicians discussed the current political situation with moderator bernd zehnter. The financial institution had chosen this format instead of their previous corporate language to address customers and visitors.

A touch of markus lanz

The evening looked a little like the early talk show hosted by markus lanz on ZDF. The two well-known former functionaries were not on the TV show, but on the stage of the steigerwaldhalle. Moderator zehnter had taken over the lance-role to provide the men with steep slopes, so that besides general analyses they might also talk out of the closet for a change. CSU-man gunther beckstein and SPD-grobe christian ude love each other from time to time.

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The sinti are not welcome in habfurt?

Johannes and petra goger no longer understand the world. The operators of the hotel goger in augsfeld were no longer allowed to accommodate the guests who had camped on their meadow in recent years and were conspicuous above all for one thing: their lack of attention. However, local residents are apparently bothered by the fact that the campers are sinti and roma.
"If those had been fat mobile homes of rich pensioners, no one had been upset", says hotel owner johannes goger and points to a pile of letters. The gogers have been in contact with the district administration about the "camping site affair" an exchange of letters took place, but the points of view seem to be completely irreconcilable: the landlords take the position that short-term camping on their meadow ("our ground") cannot be prohibited.

A tent camp?

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Us courts block execution of mentally disabled man

uS courts block execution of mentally disabled man

The lawyers of hill, who was twice convicted of murder, have been claiming for years that their client only has an intelligence quotient of 70 and the mental abilities of a 12-year-old. This means he could not be executed under current law. In addition to human rights activists, the leading legal association in the u.S. And medical experts, celebrities such as ex-president jimmy carter had also argued that the delinquent should be spared.

U.S. Supreme court bans executions of mentally retarded in 2002 as "cruel and unusual punishment". But the criteria for determining mental disability are left up to the states. Georgia applies the strictest standards: it requires that the disability must be proven "beyond reasonable doubt". This condition is not met in the case of hill, argue the authorities. Because of an objection to the execution method, hill had already narrowly escaped execution last summer.

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