Carpet or parquet in the meeting room?

Carpet or parquet in the meeting room?

The only issue that did not achieve a majority was carpeting. This topic must be put back on the table. Otherwise, however, the majority at the city council meeting on thursday evening was in the dark. Twice it was about the new building of the city hall and already about the future equipment of the new domicile of the city administration.

This is happening at a time when the shell of the new city hall has not even been commissioned and the construction pit is still the main focus of work. Because on 11. November is the start of special civil engineering. So the concrete piles are drilled to secure the construction pit and to protect the castle during the following civil engineering works.

But the design of the meeting room has already been voted on and the sun protection for the windows has been determined. The latter had to happen as soon as possible, as it is also part of the raw construction, explained mayor german hacker (SPD). But why does a decision have to be made now about the meeting hall, asked CSU city councilor konrad korner. The building will be built in three years at the earliest. And his colleague in the parliamentary group frank gabelein even moved that the item on the meeting room be removed from the agenda.

In his opinion, an exact cost comparison was needed. Eventually the proposals were changed again. Gabelein doesn’t want to simply nod off, but "look at the price". Every private house builder does the same, after all. Christoph schmidt of architekturburo BSS from nurnberg appeased: the budget would not be increased by the new variant.

According to this, the city council, after preliminary discussion in the planning committee, should decide on two sub-items. So the flooring was to be carpeting. And with the design in general one wanted to become brighter. The upper third of the wall will therefore not be covered with wood, but will be executed as a weibe surface in drywall construction. The ceiling will also not be covered with wooden boarding, but will also have this finish.

However, with a tie vote of 14 to 14, the carpeting was rejected. Retta muller-schimmel of the grunen had previously asked for a separate vote on both parts and received a clear majority for this. She preferred a parquet floor, for ecological reasons. Now the flooring has to be voted on again.

CSU and freie wahler voted against the meeting room. The former, because her application for cancellation was rejected. And the two free electors generally oppose a new town hall building at the site. Nevertheless, the approval of the entire city council was comfortable with 18:10 votes.

Sun protection

And then there was the sun protection. Here there was an agreement of also 18 against ten votes. Already the planning committee had decided to cancel the original decision of march 2018. So instead of a textile sunshade, a so-called reefing blind in aluminum will now be installed. Bad experiences with textil had prompted the city to change its mind.

It is remarkable that mayor german hacker, who was against textil from the beginning, was now confirmed in his position. CSU city councilor walter drebinger didn’t like it. At that time, the city council had voted by 19 to six in favor of textile, partly because this had been roughly touted by the architects and described as better. This should be kept now, even against hacker’s opinion. "But the red-green majority now follows the mayor’s lead", he said. SPD faction leader curd blank tried to convince drebinger. After all, there is now practical experience and one should be able to learn from it.

The first contracts for the interior of the new town hall were therefore already exciting. Ten votes against the design of the meeting hall, a stalemate on its flooring and even a rejection of the pfortnerloge in the preparatory planning committee. The latter two must be put on the table again. And there are many more contracts to be awarded.

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