Carnival rocks in the clubhouse

carnival rocks in the clubhouse

Half an hour before admission, the first carnival-goers gathered outside the closed doors of the clubhouse. While the queue was getting longer and longer, behind the scenes they were preparing for the onslaught. Last vocal tests with the bands, briefing of the security staff, short discussions about the course of events. Despite all the hustle and bustle, this was probably the last chance for georg ort to catch his breath. Because only a few moments later, he and his assistants at the entrance to the 16. Rock carnival round.
Ort has been a member of the herzogenaurach music initiative (MIH) for twelve years. Since then, he has been at the entrance to the traditional event year after year, working with many other helpers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But he never gets bored: "we actually always take turns at the checkout counter. In the last few years I have played on the stage myself from time to time", tells "schorsch".

Hardly any tickets at the box office

together with his colleague manfred braun, he arranged the allocation of ribbons and the sale of tickets, although there were only a few of the latter left before the event. Only about 25 tickets were still available at the box office, many of which had already been reserved in advance. With a total of around 650 carnival fans, the rock carnival was once again sold out. Place female, why: "in the past many clubs held a carnival ball every weekend. And we want to keep up this tradition with a great offer and civil prices."
Among others, the three music groups "gimcrack" also contributed to the offer, "blown apart and "fortune flames, which gave the people of herzogenaurach a good run for their money. Because it is precisely because of them that the carnival takes place at all. "We want to keep the stage free for young people and many band members of today’s groups are also in our MIH", says the financial manager of the music initiative, georg ort.

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