Butthard’s incredible lightning start

Everyone who found his way to the sonderhof sports field on saturday afternoon should not regret his arrival. For the home SV and the guests from butthard delivered from the first minute on a racy, exciting derby, which was garnished with eight, partly great goals and many intense duels. The defensive lines were particularly challenged, with the upstart's often being overtaxed, so that the home team's 5:3 (3:2) victory was also entirely in order.

In the first ten minutes in particular, it did not look as if the third-placed team in the table, which had recently won twice in succession, would be successful. The promoted team took advantage of its first opportunity – peter deibenberger's free kick from half field was converted by christian steinmetz – to take the lead and was fully in the game. Sonderhofen, on the other hand, seemed somewhat surprised by butthard's brisk performance and promptly trailed 0:2. Markus korner had unhandled lorenz brell in the penalty area and peter deibenberger converted the penalty kick with aplomb. "We were superior and deserved to be in front," steinmetz was satisfied – until then. Because suddenly the blue-white thread broke, and philipp dopf shortened immediately after fine pregitzer-here input.

It was the starting signal for a brilliant ten minutes in which the hosts turned the game around – also with the good help of the promoted team. For he failed to clear a pregitz corner consistently, and alexander kreusser hammered the leather into the mesh from nine yards out. Shortly after, kreusser even had the 3:2 on the fub after a long tee shot by markus korner, but steffen hofmann held, but only one minute later had to reach behind him again. Again pregitzer had crossed and jochen kreutzer headed in. The guests had a lot to chew on in this game. Sonderhofen now controlled the meeting.

Only after about half an hour had the steinmetz-elf recovered, and deibenberger's free kick near the corner flag forced korner to make a save (37.). The blue-winged team made the game more balanced again, but the home team had to finish them off before the break. Pregitzer just missed (42.), kreusser failed again strong hoffmann (43.), and felix dopf's shot cleared karl on the line (44.). "Actually we must close the bag in this phase already", criticized sonderhofens coach christian hofrichter.

Just so the newcomer had saved the 2:3 into the break, when max endres gave his own after the side change a cash service and fouled pregitzer unnecessarily while running out of the penalty area. Philipp dopf did not care. He scored from the spot for 4:2. But matthias busch didn't do any better against christian steinmetz on the other side. Only this time deibenberger chased the leather into the catch fence. "He knows that he has to make. Maybe that's how we got back into the game," said steinmetz afterwards. Instead, sonderhofen kept everything under control and went up 5:2 through jochen kreutzer's flying header. This decided the game. The defensively prone butthards lacked belief, and sonderhofen played the victory home with aplomb. Even christian steinmetz' converted penalty to 3:5 – christoph hofmann had fouled the player-coach – did not endanger the deserved success of christian hofrichter's proteges anymore. "After the 0:2 we stayed calm, did our thing and deserved to win," said the coach, whose team remains in third place. The promoted team, on the other hand, slips further and further down the table. There are hardly any traces left of the initial euphoria.

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