Better not to bake again

Common recreational activities strengthen cohesion among friends. This might also have been the thought of that quartet of friends from eggolsheim who met on friday for baking.

But if the ingredients do not fit, the cohesion is also endangered. This is what the four friends from eggolsheim got to feel after they had consumed the products of their baking passion. That’s when the ubelkeit took hold.

A neighbor was asked for help to look after the four friends. But the health of the bakers deteriorated to the point that the cohesion of the friends was completely lost.

Ambulance and police were called; two of the backers had to be taken to the hospital. The baked goods of the friends were confiscated by the police.

According to this, the four friends can test their cohesion in court.If you explain to the judge why you used cannabis as an ingredient for your cookies on your baking evening.

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