Bbc coburg in training camp: maturing process at the rennsteig

It could develop into a real tradition: after good experiences last summer, the responsible persons at BBC coburg decided again this year to use the winter sports mecca oberhof as the destination for the training camps. "The conditions in thuringia are ideal. On the one hand, we have a hall at our disposal, on the other hand, the atmosphere in the awo-sano-holiday center demands team cohesion", head coach simon bertram praises the conditions at the rennsteig.

Food tips for the pros

and indeed – apart from numerous sweaty sessions on the pitch, the weekend was all about building even more unity within the squad. There were plenty of opportunities to do so: a poker tournament – won by the 16-year-old schoolboy christoph bauer of all people – a fifa playstation world championship and an impromptu nutrition seminar by the new athletics trainer markus schnitzer were all on the agenda.

In addition, the bbclers were able to enjoy themselves in the "holy halls" the thuringian winter sports center ventured into unfamiliar terrain and tried out – with reasonable success – the motion sequences of sports that are far removed from basketball, such as ski jumping.

Steffen walde is the new captain

as in the previous season, the two future captains were also named: winger steffen walde was named by the coaching staff, while his deputy kevin eichelsdorfer was elected by his teammates.

On top of that, the probationary promoted team had to pass a basketball endurance test: on saturday afternoon, the vestestadt team defeated the erstregionalliga-reserve of the BBL promoted oettinger rockets by a score of 78:58 (43:23). "We have again changed a lot and tried some things, overall I was quite satisfied", bertram commented on the game against the young second of the rockets.

Team presentation on friday

on friday evening at 8 pm the new team will be officially presented to the fans at a show training in the HUK-arena. In addition to declarations by the coaches, the fans could look forward to a three-way competition and a dunking contest. Admission is free.

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