Bathroom rodach soon also for drinking

Lifting jugs like those in the bohemian health resorts could soon be available for the spa guests in bad rodach as well. New expert reports show that the water of the spa also has a healing effect when used internally, as managing director stine michel informed on thursday. A concept is now being developed to make the water from the thermal fountains available to guests for internal use as well. "We want to create a second mainstay and a unique selling point", explains lutz lange from the management of the therme.
The water in one of the thermal wells is highly mineralized. "It can be used for detoxification in the gastrointestinal tract", explains stine michel. So you could imagine that soon spa guests would be sitting in front of the spa with small jugs and taking a few sips of healing water for internal use after a bath. It is just one of many steps that are being taken to bring the therme forward.
Mayor tobias ehrlicher (SPD) speaks of a "rough draft" for the spa and bath rodach. It will take time to complete this project. It includes an extensive redesign of the entire facility. A start has already been made in the foyer and box office area. The showers were supposed to wait, but are now being brought forward and renovated. "We will organize this in such a way that it can happen during ongoing operations", says stine michel. Because all those responsible agree that a closure of the baths should be avoided at all costs.

Overall concept in view

all the steps being taken now are already geared to the future overall concept, emphasizes tobias ehrlicher. This includes the treetop trail, a special recreational area that was established last year. "When we choose tiles for a section now, we are already thinking about how they will fit in with what is planned further down the line", says ehrlicher.
While this year for the "rough throw" before planning can move forward, small steps will be taken to increase the attractiveness of the spa and sauna area, as was done last year. Nancy grau reports, for example, on the partnership with the sambafestival.
There were employees of the spa in bathrobes with samba headdresses on the road to promote the spa. An action that also brought guests to bad rodach to relax after the exhausting festival, as she notes. A specially created cocktail then awaited the sambistas there.

Small actions show effect

easter egg hunt, nordic walking day, tulip planting campaign – a number of things were offered to increase visitor loyalty to the spa. "The candlelight swim on friday evening alone brought us an average of 100 more visitors on that day", reports stine michel.
Lutz lange notes that guests stay longer at the spa overall, and consume more. Therefore, sales increased, although the number of visitors was slightly smaller than in 2016. Not quite 210000 were in 2017.

More and more campers

the number of mobile home parking spaces in the therme parking lot is developing very well. "After two years, we are where we should be after three years", lutz lange is pleased. The number of users more than doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year to over 1000. Most stay more than one night. In total about 11 000 overnight stays were registered.
This brings not only bathers to the therme. "People also shop and are out and about in the city", says lutz lange. To make sure this is the case, the spa offers bicycles, e-bikes and even a smart as rental vehicles, which are in good demand, as lange notes.
The cooperation with bus companies such as werra bus from hildburghausen or the agilis railroad company additionally contributes to the fact that guests come to the bath but also to the city of bad rodach itself.

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