Audience loves to be touched

Karl-heinz hofmann rothenkirchen- with the concert "A weihnachtlicha stund" (christmas hour) the rothenkirchen music society impressed and delighted the visitors in the st.-bartholomew church in rothenkirchen. Under the direction of daniel hilbert the instrumentalists offered an emotional and contemplative repertoire.

The house of god was as quiet as a mouse, and the atmospheric lighting, the christmas decorations and above all the impressive acoustics contributed to the listeners’ devotion and contemplation. The thoughtful concert, which was organized by the music society for the third time, expressed the high performance of the orchestra.

The musicians had rehearsed the excellent pieces of music for a long time, so that they could perform safely in full harmony. Conductor daniel hilbert had prepared the orchestra excellently for this evening – with the result that at the end of the concert they received a standing ovation from the audience.

At the beginning, the junior orchestra of the MVR, the "mvrokidz, under the direction of max mannlein his premiere and thus the young musicians in the age of seven to 14 years stood for the first time on rough stage and presented three christmas music pieces.

Chairwoman meike steiger was very proud in her welcoming speech to challenge the young musicians and to be able to present the results of the youth work to the visitors for the first time.

After a christmas poem by clara sophie dressel, the rothenkirchen music society, under the direction of daniel hilbert, gave a first-class concert that captivated the audience from the very first note. Chiara sasso led the audience through the program in a charming and eloquent manner, linking the individual pieces with interesting anecdotes.

Modern hits by mariah carey such as "all I want for christmas" were sung, but also christmas classics like the well known "white christmas". With the modern ballads "one moment in time" and leonard cohen’s heartfelt hallelujah the visitors were pulled out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and could come to rest.

Perfectly staged

The lighting, which had been specially adjusted for the concert, changed to match the titles, setting the musicians perfectly and creating an atmospheric ambience.

With the classical concert work "the second waltz" friends of upscale music also got their money’s worth. The march hit "kiss me, hold me, love me" also attracted from "three nuts for ashbrodel a low hum went through the rows of spectators. This title, which should not be missing in the christmas season, was played in a brass band arrangement.

The percussion and rhythm group was especially appreciated during the "petersburger schlittenfahrt" the concert was a challenge, during which a fast ride through the snowy highs and forests of the frankenwald was suggested musically.

Grandiose conclusion

The grand finale was the well-known, chorale-like lullaby "guten abend, gut’ nacht" ("good evening, good night"), that provided the right ending to such a concert. The visitors thanked the musicians with powerful applause and demanded an encore.

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