40 Years 1. Board of directors of the tsv weitramdorf

40 years 1. board of directors of the tsv weitramdorf

In the context of the annual honor evening of the municipality weitramsdorf in the sport home of the TSV weitramsdorf also wolfgang friedrich for now in the meantime 40 years as 1. TSV board honored.

Wolfgang was elected chairman in 1979, d.H. Many members of the TSV do not know any other board member than wolfgang.

In his laudatory speech, axel reich mentioned some of the striking milestones in the development of TSV under the leadership of wolfgang friedrich. Beside the rebuilding of the sport home the highlight was surely the building of the sport and culture hall. But there are also the many everyday things that are necessary to run a sports club well over such a long period of time.

The time we are talking about only becomes clear when you realize that TSV was founded in 1889 and is now in its 130th year of existence. And more than 30 % of this time stood or. Wolfgang friedrich presides over the association – and an end is not yet in sight because the next elections are not on the agenda until 2021. And who knows, maybe…

The mayor wolfgang bauersachs presented a certificate and a small gift during the ceremony. In his acceptance speech, wolfgang pointed out that, although he has been
1. Is a member of the board of directors, but he, too, can only manage the work thanks to many other hardworking people – just as one should be in a sports club: TOGETHER

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