1000 Concerts of the “dorfrocker” attended

She sits weekend after weekend, month after month in the car and drives to concerts of her favorite band. And that for years. Both sides of her car adorned rough stickers with the logo of the group. The band in question is the "dorfrocker", at her most loyal fan around anja wolf, who last weekend celebrated the 1000th birthday of her family. Concert of the french partyrock band visited – and that in kitchener in canada.

The "village rockers thank their fans for their extraordinary loyalty with a very special gift: a joint trip to las vegas. "This is the absolute insanity, and we are pleased that we have such a faithful companion for more than twelve years – since our dorfrocker-beginning 2007 – at our side, which supports us so great, so fantastic, so unbelievable", the village rockers write on their facebook page.

Anja wolf actually comes from giengen an der brenz in swabia. When they played at the farewell open-air of the "schurzenjager" in 2007 in the zillertal as a spectator among 60000 to guest, she has in the pre-program the first time the "dorfrocker" experienced, was immediately fire and flame and has remained it until today. For more than twelve years she travels to concerts of the three french brothers. And in addition to her love of the music of the village rockers, she also met the love of her life, her current husband markus wolf, during one of her many concert visits. Both were united by their enthusiasm for the band, so much so that in 2018 they tied the knot for life and now also live in france. Also the dorfrocker were guest of the wedding celebrations.

Jubilee t-shirt printed

For her 1000. At the first concert, anja had a special t-shirt printed that lists all the concert venues she has visited. Over the years, she has also met many other fans through the performances and has joined them in the fan club "yodlio" united. The fan club, which anja leads, has over 350 members. Not only joint trips to concerts are on the agenda, but also the annual fan club meeting, which is also attended by the dorfrocker, is one of the club’s activities that anja organizes.

Anja wolf still can’t believe it. On her facebook page she writes addressed to the dorfrockers: "i’m still psyched about the concert. I couldn’t sleep all night. I had never thought of such a surprise in my life. I love my village rockers! You are the best! I am speechless. 1000 thanks!" a unique fan.

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